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The success of a retail business is calculated by its reach to its customer and by giving them what they want, when and where they want it. Intellisense Technology recognizes that achievement in this sector is not just about establishing new business but about maintaining market share, loyalty and increasing service offerings.

The retail industry is witnessing many physical and technological changes leading to consolidations, reformation and also reorganizing the way in which the business is done. The use of leading edge technology to precisely assess the requirements of the business, and proficiently and successfully implementing a solution is a critical part of building competitive advantage.

Shorter product life cycles, variable demand and falling customer loyalty have in turn resulted in pressure on margins and profitability of retail business. Customers and suppliers are widely using the Internet and this has altered the way the supply chain operates. Retailers thus need efficient inventory management, warehousing, logistics etc. With increased implementation of wireless technology and RFID, opportunities are opening up for retailers to improve the efficiency in operations.

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