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Intellisense Technology Mission

The Intellisense Technology mission is to enhance enterprise productivity by delivering simple, secure, and ubiquitous connectivity to remote and mobile workers.

In order to do this, Intellisense Technology provides services that bring order to an increasingly dynamic and complex connectivity environment.

Specifically, Intellisense Technology endeavors to:

  • Offer best-in-class service quality through broad and deep network coverage supported by carrier-grade network operations
  • Leverage a software-enabled platform to quickly adapt its services to new technologies and stay ahead of customer needs
  • Interoperate with today's and tomorrow's enterprise security and networking solutions
  • Ensure that only "protected" devices get Internet or corporate network access and that user identities and data sessions are secured
  • Give enterprise IT control over and visibility into connection cost, performance, and security
  • Maintain a simple user experience even as connectivity options and security requirements grow in complexity
  • Support the breadth of mobile devices and operating environments used by enterprise organizations
  • Lower overall enterprise connectivity operational costs

Intellisense Technology Vision

  • Intellisense Technology envisions a world where all workers are able to connect to their information from all locations using the Internet.
  • With the advent of affordable and secure wireless connectivity we envision that every knowledge worker will become a mobile worker and desire the flexibility to work wherever they choose.
  • These high-value employees will use a wide variety of devices and connection technologies based on their needs and location. This variety will continue to grow over time as new access technologies emerge and mature.
  • Employees will increasingly use the Internet to reach public, corporate, partner and personal content. This will require that their devices are provided with high-performance connections as well as continual security.
  • In this world, raw bandwidth and network ownership becomes commodities. Value is transferred to companies that deliver true business benefits by simplifying this complex connectivity environment and cost-effectively providing performance, security and convenience.
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