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What would happen to your business if all of your data was lost one night? What if water damage from a storm or a fire or vandalism destroyed your disks? What if the air conditioning failed? What if the fan keeping your RAID disk array failed and all of your disks burned up?

We have seen all of these things happen to our clients and others! It makes no sense to suffer the extreme cost of recreation when you can be on the safe side with the right backup solution on hand.

Do you have Windows systems that need backing up? No problem! Have large databases? One cannot just backup the database file. One must use special techniques to capture any data that changes during the backup. We know how to do this for you.

Have large mostly static data? We can backup just the changes after an initial full backup to reduce network traffic or tapes needed.

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Your corporate identity of logo design & other graphic design is often what makes the first and lasting impression of your organization.
what would happen to your business if all of your data was lost one night?
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